The Expressive Voice Audio Coach

The Expressive Voice Audio Coach


This download contains 8 - MP3 files. Dr. Coleman takes you through a series of exercises in breathing, vocal quality, articulation and other areas. It takes practice to change behavior and these exercises will help.

Listen to them on your computer, iPod, iPhone, Android or other mobile audio device.

Product Description

Track 1: Let’s Talk
Track 2: Relax – Tension is the Enemy
Track 3: Breathing and Breath Control
Track 4: Vocal Warmth and Richness
Track 5: Warm Up #1
Track 6: Warm Up #2
Track 7: Vocal Workout – Flexibility
Track 8: Vocal Workout – Increased Range

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For an example of telephone coaching results, listen to these Before and After clips.





Disclaimer: When you order these products you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. Your voice may get tired, but it should never hurt. If it does, please get professional help. No guarantee of improvement may be implied. Results depend on how the individual performs the exercises and how frequently.