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Analytical Reading and Presentation Training and Tools
with Candice M. coleman, Ph.D.

Say What You Mean and …

Say It Well!


You’ve just taken a step toward becoming a better communicator. Whether you want to improve your voice,
presentation or oral reading skills, Say It Well! can help you say it better!

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Our Mission…

Is to help you and your employees become the best communicators you can be. We work with you to increase confidence, persuasion and credibility which are crucial to success in any field. Whether you’re an amateur or professional speaker, a CEO or sales person, a lay reader or a broadcaster, we’ll share the tips and techniques that support your efforts to grow and improve.

Analytical Reading can make material you’re reading aloud form a script or copy, sound fresh, spontaneous and powerful.

Our presentations cover voice, business communication and a seminar in Analytical Reading. Candy has a natural and entertaining style which makes you want to learn!

Is your voice holding you back? The Expressive Voice System includes downloads and coaching cards that support your efforts to improve your vocal performance. You’ll know that, when you open your mouth, the sound that comes out will be the one that best supports your message. (Click here to listen to a voice makeover.)