When you truly want to improve your skills or change behaviors, one-on-one coaching is probably the most effective and efficient method. A good coach will guide you toward your goals with her experience and expertise. However, if you aren’t willing to do the work and/or put in the time required, your success will take much longer … if it comes at all.

I’ve probably coached several thousand people in various areas of communication. When I’m first asked to listen to a person speak or read, I can tell fairly quickly if they need group training (such as a seminar) or individual coaching. It’s also important to know how much experience they’ve had, what they’re goals are, and if they’re under a specific deadline. I’ve also been asked how long it will take for them to see improvement. Although I don’t like to “dodge” the question, it depends. How adept are they? How committed are they to the process? How much time can they spend on exercises and practice? Improvement is certainly possible, but if it will take 2 sessions or 10 or more, I simply don’t know.

At Say It Well! we coach in many communication areas but especially the following three.

Analytical Reading

Are you someone who does a lot of oral reading in your job or other activities? Using a system called Analytical Reading, developed by Nedra Newkirk Lamar, we show you how to sound more conversational and have more confidence when asked to stand up and read a report, audition for a part or read news copy. We’ve worked internationally with professional speakers, actors, broadcasters, corporate executives, business people and others. We’ve had a great deal of experience helping readers of the Scriptures and other sacred texts share deeper meanings with their congregations and audiences. Coaching in this way brings a special joy to our work.

Speech and Presentation Development

Make your next presentation the best you’ve ever given! At Say It Well! we like to be involved from the very beginning. We want to help you structure and craft a speech that not only shares your ideas and information, but sounds like YOU! We’ll then coach you through delivery options that command attention and show you as confident, prepared, and professional. You also learn skills to handle performance anxiety.

Have you already prepared your presentation? We can still help with tweaking and delivery.

Voice Development

Your voice is the second thing people notice about you. Don’t you want a vocal style that reflects the best of who you are? We’ll help you learn to increase your range and vocal variety as well as your vocal credibility. We’ll take you through practical exercises to strengthen your sound and sharpen your articulation. You learn how to care for your voice so it’s always there when you need it.



Listen to these clips of a young broadcaster. 
The results were achieved after only 10 hours of telephone coaching over 3 months.