Analytical Reading

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Analytical Reading is a virtually unique subject, which has proven invaluable to anyone who wants to read aloud naturally and conversationally.  It’s been used by thousands of people over the years; including actors, broadcasters, business people, church lectors and other readers of sacred texts.

Based on the work of Nedra Newkirk Lamar and explained in the book Giving the Sense: How to Read Aloud with Meaning, Analytical Reading explores the logical principles and conversational patterns of everyday speech.  When applied to a page of text or copy, the reading sounds more spontaneous and unaffected.  Clients say it also shows them clearer and deeper meanings in books they’ve studied for years.

Candy studied personally with Lamar and has been teaching AR for over 40 years. She’s received many comments such as the following:

Karin M. Reed, CEO of Speaker Dynamics, author of On-Camera Coach and former news anchor:

Perhaps the most impactful thing my coach taught me, was how to draw out the meaning of the sentence based on proper emphasis and phrasing. To this day, I use those techniques along with others to help me read, but not sound like I’m reading.

Angela Sage Larsen, children’s book author and illustrator:

Analytical Reading has not only improved my confidence and helped me become a proficient reader, it has enabled me to express myself with purpose and clarity in my writing, allowing style to shine through both fiction and nonfiction works.  I’m grateful for the confidence and ease in communicating ideas that have emerged; my career depends on it! 

From a church Scripture reader:

It was wonderful learning to open my eyes and ears to see what’s there on the printed page to be shared. You made it fun and exciting
to discover the sometimes-hidden meanings in the text.