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Your career may depend on the sound of your voice. Make it:

  • Stronger

  • Richer

  • Warmer

  • More Powerful

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This system contains a variety of resources to help you increase your vocal range, expression and flexibility. You’ll feel more confident that your voice will support the message you want to send.

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For an example of telephone coaching results, listen to these clips of a young broadcaster.





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The Expressive Voice Audio Coach

This download contains 8 - MP3 files. Dr. Coleman takes you through a series of exercises in breathing, vocal quality, articulation and other areas. It takes practice to change behavior and these exercises will help.

Listen to them on your computer, iPod, iPhone, Android or other mobile audio device.

Product Description

Track 1: Let’s Talk
Track 2: Relax – Tension is the Enemy
Track 3: Breathing and Breath Control
Track 4: Vocal Warmth and Richness
Track 5: Warm Up #1
Track 6: Warm Up #2
Track 7: Vocal Workout – Flexibility
Track 8: Vocal Workout – Increased Range

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The Expressive Voice Pocket Coach Cards

Twelve laminated cards designed to be carried with you as you go to an audition or on location. Dr. Coleman shares tips and exercises to help you practice your vocal skills — any where and at any time!

Includes information about:

  • Breathing and Breath Control

  • Reducing Sibilance and Nasality

  • Conversationality

  • Controlling Performance Anxiety

  • and much more

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The Expressive Voice Customized Vocal Exercises

After taking your online Personal Voice Analysis, you’ll receive 12-15 customized exercises chosen specifically for you by Dr. Coleman. These exercises will help target and strengthen your “problem” areas.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Articulation

  • Placement

  • Vocal Quality

  • Voice Care

  • Nasality

  • Vocal Variety

  • and more

Spend time each day practicing your targeted exercises. Change can only happen with consistent and dedicated work.

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The Expressive Voice Written Evaluation

Do you want some specific written feedback about your voice? Dr. Coleman is happy to help!

In this product, you’ll take the online Personal Voice Analysis, and then submit an MP3 recording. Are you a broadcaster? Send an air-check of one of your stories or your anchoring. Are you a lay reader or minister? Send a sample of your reading or sermon. Business speaker? Send a clip so Dr. Coleman can hear you in action. However you use your voice, send a sample of you “doing what you do.”

Dr. Coleman will personally review your track and email a written evaluation. She’ll also include suggestions to help you make your voice the best it can be.

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The Expressive Voice Evaluation and Live Coaching Appointment

Do you learn better by ear rather than by eye? Do you like the idea of having a personal coach give you “live” feedback on your voice and speech? This might be the best option for you! As with the customized exercises and written evaluation options, you’ll take the Personal Voice Analysis and submit an MP3 file of your voice. You and Dr. Coleman will then schedule a LIVE 30-minute evaluation and coaching session.

We can work on on landlines, cells, Skype, etc. but the session MUST be scheduled within 30 days.

For an example of telephone coaching results, listen to the Before and After clips above.

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Giving the Sense: How to Read Aloud With Meaning

Giving the Sense identifies the logical principles and conversational patterns we all use everyday. You’ll learn how to apply them to your script, news copy, speech or prepared readings. You’ll learn how to phrase, emphasize, and inflect to share the writer’s meaning in a natural, conversational way. This handbook will introduce you to the subject known as Analytical Reading.

Whether you’re a church reader or minister … radio or television broadcaster … teacher … actor … student … or occasionally called upon to read aloud, you’ll value what this book has to say.

We conduct seminars all over the U.S. and Canada based on this book. Contact us about a seminar in your area.

Shipping: $7.50 for the first item (Priority Mail), $4.00 for each additional.

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When you purchase $60.00 or more, you’ll automatically receive a 15% discount on your entire order.

Disclaimer: When you order these products you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. Your voice may get tired, but it should never hurt. If it does, please get professional help. No guarantee of improvement may be implied. Results depend on how the individual performs the exercises and how frequently.